Edline is an online information portal that enables parents to access pertinent information about their child’s academic progress and general school information. Moon Area School District subscribes to Edline at elementary, middle and high school levels. 

It is a secure site that enables schools and teachers to post a wealth of information online without compromising privacy or security. You can be assured that private information about your child will only be accessible to you. It is imperative that you keep your screen name and password private. If you suspect that someone else may have become aware of your password, you may change it at any time.

If you are are receiving this error:

None of your starting groups (districts/schools) are currently available. The school may have temporarily restricted access to its site -- or Edline may have made the site unavailable.

Your account is working properly.  Access to the buildings has been turned off until we have completed rolling over to the new year.  We will notify families when this procedure is complete.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Accessing Edline

Edline account codes no longer expire when changing buildings.  You may continue to use last year's account information.

Video for Parents

Go Directly to Edline

Having trouble? Use the "I forgot" link on www.moonarea.net to recover your user name or password.  Still having problems?

Edline Request for Assistance

Student Accounts

All students should activate and use their Edline account. The Student Account allows individuals access to posted grades giving them the ability to monitor their own progress, teacher announcements or assignments, course requests, senior project information and more.