Academics, Arts & Music

Excellence is our priority.  We strive to provide an educational environment that offers the opportunity for all students to reach their full potential, while preparing them for a future in a global society.
Our Academic Performance
Consistently, Moon Area students perform above state and national averages on standardized testing. In 2008-09 school year, each school exceeded the national No Child Left Behind legislation benchmarks topping Adequate Yearly Progress targets.
Our Arts Education
Each school day and many evenings, music can be heard in hallways throughout our schools as student artwork brightens and lines those same passages. From theater to painting to sousaphones, The Arts are regarded as an integral portion of a well-rounded elementary and secondary education.
Our Commitment to Technology
We remain committed to providing the latest state-of-the-art technology in all of our schools. Our technology integration practice provides students with the latest desktop and laptop computers, interactive whiteboards and other electronics in most classrooms. All classrooms have high-speed Internet connectivity through the All Connect project, Allegheny County's Regional Wide Area Network (RWAN). 
  • Among the first of Pennsylvania's Classrooms for the Future schools, our high school provides a full-scale, technology integrated curriculum, providing students with tools and skills to learn in innovative ways which were not possible before.  A total of 32 high school classrooms are equipped with laptop computers for every student and more than half of all high school teachers teach lessons with interactive whiteboards and LCD projectors. Each computer is part of a districtwide technology refresh effort guaranteeing no student or staff member uses outdated equipment.
  • Starting with the 2009-2010 school year, the district will expand the spirit of the Classrooms for the Future initiative, outfitting 59 elementary and middle school classrooms with Promethean interactive technology.  Interactive whiteboards and student response systems ("clickers") will become part of students' everyday learning experience.