Round-trip bus transportation is provided for all students in grades Kindergarten through 12.  Bus stops in Moon and Crescent townships have been situated as conveniently as possible; however, they cannot be randomly changed because of the mandatory approval process.

Parents are reminded not to allow children to change buses without written permission from parents and principal approval.

General Bus Information for 2015-2016

Students should arrive at bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to posted time.

          2015-2016 Schedules are not available at this time.

Daily Late Bus Information 

A late bus is available to all middle and high school students participating in after-school activities.  Private school students also utilize the late bus transportation.

Late Bus Details

Alternate Bus Schedule 

When Moon Area is not in session, buses are provided for private and parochial school students.

Alternate Bus Info - Moon Not In Session Details

Public Service Announcement: Illegal Passing of School Buses

Across the country, motorists pass stopped school buses at an alarming rate. Every time a motorist chooses to ignore a school bus stopped with its lights flashing and stop sign extended, a child’s life is at risk.

The Pupil Transportation Safety Institute and the New York Association of Pupil Transportation have partnered to produce a 30-second video about illegal passing of stopped school buses.